Utilizing & Protecting our Hillside Preserves

With cooler temperatures, many people venture to the hillside preserves for hiking, jogging and/or biking in and around MPRHOA.  As a refresher, all of the hillside preserves in Mountain Park Ranch HOA have one of two designations:

  • PRIVATE PROPERTY — meaning “Open to Resident Hiking with Restrictions”
  • NO TRESPASSING — meaning “No Trespassing by Anyone”, including MPRHOA members and their guests.

Signs clearly mark the hillsides in areas of ingress and egress.  The hillsides and preserves add a uniqueness to MPRHOA.  Please help to preserve our natural surroundings and the animals that live there.  If you notice any disregard for our preserves and signage, please contact the local Police at 602-262-6151.  

In addition, any homeowner who backs up to a Hillside and has a cement water drain, please remember to frequently check and clean these drainage lines for proper water drainage.  The Association periodically cleans the common area drain culverts, and with your assistance, it will lessen the likelihood of possible flooding on the preserves and/or your property.  If you notice an abundance of debris or blockage in the common area culverts, please contact the office so we can address it timely.