Coronavirus (COVID-19)- Recent updates for MPRHOA Members and Guests

Coronavirus (COVID-19)- Recent updates for MPRHOA Members and Guests

MPRHOA Members and Guests:

As an update, below are some health, safety and other precautions we have taken so far at MPRHOA in regards to the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Recreation Centers:

  • Recreation Center pools have been closed since Saturday, March 14, 2020.
  • Notices have been posted on tennis courts, volleyball courts and playgrounds in regards to the Coronavirus.  Notices instruct that no more than 10 people are allowed at one time in these areas per the CDC guidelines.  The Notices offer information on proper hygiene, contacts, websites, CDC, WHO, etc.  However, the number of people occupying one place at one time can change.
  • We reserve the right as management to shut down any amenity if Posted rules are found to be disregarded and community members are not adhering to either Governmental, CDC, or other recognized healthcare guidelines.
  • Our playground company is sanitizing the play equipment as a preventative measure.


HOA Office:

  • The HOA office is open to conduct HOA business, however we are not accepting any walk-in traffic.  Signage indicating this is also posted outside the office door.
  • The Office Staff is continually updated on any new information received via TV, internet, etc., on the Coronavirus.  We have plans already in place in case we need to work from home.  This includes; forwarding emails to staffs phones, having access to our TOPS software program, answering voice mails every few hours, among other business functions.
  • I have kept our Association Attorney updated on what we have been doing and what we have posted at our recreation centers on the Coronavirus and he has concurred with everything we have done.