Tennis and Pickleball Court Closing Information

Tennis and Pickleball Court Closing Information

Tennis and Pickleball Courts


Why did MPRHOA close the Tennis and Pickleball Courts even though the City of Phoenix has their Courts open during the COVID-19 pandemic?


It was decided to close the tennis and pickleball courts due to the fact we could not control the number of people using the courts at one time.  Governor Ducey’s most recent Order has required that sports courts not allow more than 10 people at one time on the courts and for everyone to practice social distancing, i.e., 6 feet or more away from others.

Right after MPRHOA tennis courts were closed the cities of; Tempe, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Surprise, etc., all did the same.  We can’t speak for why the City of Phoenix hasn’t followed like others have.

Even if social distancing is followed, a good example on how the virus can also be transmitted (without some people evening knowing) is by people touching the tennis court gates, opening and closing them using the same handle, holding tennis balls, touching the cabanas and benches, among other susceptible areas that are recognized by the CDC as areas of probable exposure.

This was enough of an alarm to display the potential to spread the virus.  It wasn’t an easy decision but it was for the good for everyone until this virus threat goes away.  The Association attorney and insurance provider were also in concurrence with the decision.

I hope everyone understands this reasoning, as we are just trying to take the right approach for the health and safety of our community.   Thank you.