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**The December 2014 Board of Directors meeting will not be held this month due to the holidays**


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Board of Directors Meetings


MPR Offices
15425 S. 40th Place #4
Phoenix, AZ 85044

6:00pm - 8:00pm Open Session

5:30pm – 6:00pm Closed Session

4th Tuesday of Each Month

**Please contact the business office one week prior to the meeting to verify meeting date and time.**


Pizza & Drinks provided while they last!

Parking is available at Ironwood Dental
at 40th Street and E. Mountain Sky Ave.


The Annual Meeting is held each year on the third Tuesday of October. If dates change, members will be notified.


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Questions and Answers (Q&A) from the 2014 Annual Meeting of the Membership:

  1. Q: A homeowner asked Jim Welch about the pickleball court survey and how many courts would potentially be installed.

    A: Jim Welch answered that he had been asked by a few members in the past if MPRHOA could incorporate     pickleball.  He approached the board of directors with the idea and it was suggested to send out a survey to the      membership and see what type of response was received, and if it was a positive response to add pickleball, the      board would further pursue, and that's how the survey evolved.  The recreation center on Ranch Circle North      would be the subject court used and we would install two pickleball courts on one tennis court.


  2. Q: A homeowner inquired about the sport of pickleball.

    A: Board member Harry Whitesell gave an overall explanation of pickleball and how the game is played, stating it's similar to tennis but on a much smaller scale and you use a paddle and a whiffle ball on a modified tennis court.

  3. Q: A homeowner inquired about the lack of attention to the City of Phoenix washes and deterioration of the city streets     throughout the neighborhoods and around the community and what was being done.

    A: Jim Welch answered that the HOA continually tries to work with the City of Phoenix, however according to the City they have budget cuts and less workers in this area, therefore services have suffered. However, this could change at any time due to changes in city budgets, funding levels, and the condition of the washes and roadways.

  4. Q:  A homeowner asked about the deficit in the 2015 budget and if it was a trend. 

    A: Nancy Klinger explained that reserve budget items are taken directly from the reserve study. A budget deficit will occur when the recommended annual contribution to reserves is less than the forecasted spending. Next year's contribution will cover future projects while funding to cover next year's expenditures was collected over previous years.


  5. Q: A homeowner complimented Paramount on their exceptional job of keeping the community beautiful.  The same owner asked if fines have increased or decreased over the past years for homeowner violations. 

    A: Diane Krecker and Jim Welch explained that fines have been relatively low compared to past years due to the manager's working more closely with homeowners and offering suggestions for them to bring their properties into compliance.