Please note:  Over seeding of the common areas will begin around October 14, 2019,  and will go through the second week in November.  Please do not schedule any birthday parties, events, etc., on the grassy areas. Thanks!

In this issue, you’ll find; Information regarding HOA Dues Graffiti Removal Property Managers Drainage Wash Upgrades Stucco Wall Repairs Download the Newsletter here  

The Recreation Center (located on Ranch Circle North) pool and pool area will be closed the morning of; Tuesday, July 16, 2019, and will reopen at 4 pm the same day. We are completing the interior pool tile repairs.  The other Recreation Center pools are open for your use duringRead More →

This Bobcat (see photos, supplied to the HOA from a MPRHOA homeowner and used by permission) has been seen around the Desert Vista High School area.  It’s advised to not leave cat or dog food outside and if you happen to spot the cat on or near your property youRead More →

In this issue, you’ll find; Tree Maintenance MPR HOA Boundaries Recreation Center Pool Information Pool & Tennis Fob Typical Property Violations Download the Newsletter here

Please note that several MPRHOA homeowners may have received a notice in the mail regarding a petition to recall several Foothills HOA Board of Directors.  This mailing has nothing to do with MPRHOA, (we are not affiliated or part of the Foothills HOA) and this petition was incorrectly mailed byRead More →