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2017 Annual Meeting Questions

Please note the 2017 Annual Meeting Minutes will be added next year after approval by the members.

Questions and Answers from the 2017 Annual Meeting of the Members:

Jim Welch opened the floor for questions and comments and said questions and answers would be posted on the MPRHOA website.

Question 1: On the 2016 financial statement, what were the improvements under major repairs and replacements?

Answer: Emma Kroum briefed on each of these line items and described what they were designated for in the reserve study.

Question 2: Have we had the same problems in MPRHOA with high water bills that other HOA’s and residents have had?

Answer: Jim Welch answered that we haven’t and we believe it is because of the satellite clocks we installed that control the water flow and we monitor continuous usage showing us any adverse readings. If we find any adverse readings we address the concern immediately.

Question 3: Denise Smith and another homeowner indicated that there are limited parking spaces at recreation center 1 on Ranch Circle South, and were there any future plans to add more parking spaces to the existing greenbelt. She also said she is a pickleball teacher at Pecos Park and that there are a lot of new pickleball players, so there will be more demand for parking due to higher court usage. She also requested recreation center 3 on Thunderhill that there be pickleball added to one of the courts.

Answer: Jim Welch said he would discuss these items with the Board of Directors and post their comments in the open meeting minutes.

Question 4: Do we have a tree trimming schedule?

Answer: Michael Underwood explained the tree trimming schedule and how Paramount maintains the over 6000 trees within MPRHOA. Jim Welch asked again if there were any other questions. With no other questions or comments, Jim Welch thanked all for attending the meeting.

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