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2016 Annual Meeting Questions

Please note the 2016 Annual Meeting Minutes will be added next year after approval by the members.

Questions and Answers from the 2016 Annual Meeting of the Members:

Q: Several homeowners inquired about installing additional pickleball court lines on the existing tennis courts. 

A: Jim Welch answered that he would ask the board, budget & finance committee and the company currently doing the tennis court repairs if and what it would take to add additional pickleball lines to an existing tennis courts.

Q: A homeowner asked if we could heat the pool at the other recreation centers.

A: Jim Welch answered that he had looked into this several years ago and since there were no gas lines or places for solar, the costs were too expensive.

Q: A homeowner asked how our reserves were funded.

A: Paul Hansen of Butler and Hansen CPA Firm explained that reserves were funded by the associations CD’s.

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