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2018 Annual Meeting Questions

Please note the 2018 Annual Meeting Minutes will be added next year after approval by the members.

Questions and Answers from the 2018 Annual Meeting of the Members:

Jim Welch opened the floor for questions and comments and said questions and answers would be posted on the MPRHOA website.

Question 1: Who is responsible for the 40th and Ray Rd median? How about the area behind KFC and State Farm?

Answer: Jim explained the City of Phoenix is responsible for the maintenance of all the street medians and also the land that runs along Chandler Blvd to the west of State Farm. Jim also explained other areas that are the City of Phoenix property within MPRHOA

Question 2: Can MPRHOA replace trees and plants on the medians? 

Answer: Jim explained that we cannot because it is the City land and even if we could, there is limited to no irrigation. In fact, we are seeing the City plant various landscaping and they die from lack of water. 

Question 3: What happened that the fish in the ponds

Answer: Golden Algae that came from the City water system killed the fish, not only in MPR ponds but all ponds/lakes around the area according to our lake contractor. Our ponds were treated with Black Onyx and the problem was resolved.

Question 4: A member noted he had concerns with too many people parking on the street in his area.

Answer: The streets are owned and maintained by the City. The HOA can however send a letter out to all neighboring properties to remind them of parking courtesy.

Question 5: Are there any rules about people feeding pigeons?

Answer: This is not allowed and explained that it is considered a nuisance and the HOA will send a letter explaining this concern.

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