2015 Bulk Trash Schedule

2015 Bulk Trash Schedule

What is bulk trash?

Bulk trash consists of materials that are too large and must not be placed in the garbage or recycling container. Materials such as furniture, large appliances and large amounts of vegetation are often considered bulk trash. Bulk trash is currently collected from city-serviced residences four times each year. Materials cannot be placed out for collection more than one week prior to the week of collection, since it is important to keep neighborhoods and our city looking clean and beautiful.

Unacceptable Items:

  • Household hazardous waste (pesticides, pool chemicals, large amounts of paint, etc.)
  • Bricks, concrete, dirt, rocks, asphalt
  • Roofing shingles/tiles, construction materials in excess of 25 pounds, any construction material generated from a contractor
  • Metal or car parts in excess of 20 pounds or longer than four feet, tires
  • Windows, shower doors, patio doors, mirrors
  • Fluorescent tubes, appliances that use refrigerants such as refrigerators, air conditioners, freezers, heat pumps, water coolers, dehumidifiers
  • Piles more than 20 cubic yards, loose debris and litter
  • Loose grass, leaves, weeds, twigs and hedge clippings must be bagged or boxed and securely tied
  • Community piles

Click here for the 2015 City of Phoenix Bulk Trash Schedule.