Kyrene Schools – Proposed Sports Lighting

Kyrene Schools – Proposed Sports Lighting

Dear Homeowners, etc:

I’m reaching out to all of you who emailed me regarding the proposed lighting at the Kyrene Schools playing fields located off 36th Street. Yesterday I met with representatives from the Kyrene Schools in an effort to gather information and to find out what they were proposing to do with the School playing fields, mainly with the installation of new lighting. They provided me with the information below, which I am providing to all of you for informational purposes, along with the contact person for the schools, should you have further questions.

Field Lighting at Kyrene Schools

I suggested to the Kyrene School representatives (and they agreed) to set up a meeting presentation at one of the two Schools (in their library, gymnasium, etc.) to further discuss with surrounding homeowners what they were proposing, along with a PowerPoint presentation and a Q&A period.

They agreed, and confirmed with me that they will be sending out meeting notices to all surrounding homeowners providing a date, time and the location of the meeting. I strongly recommend you attend and have any questions ready.

Please also note, the Schools are not located in the Mountain Park Ranch HOA (MPRHOA) they are located outside our boundaries, which does limit MPRHOA’s jurisdiction on matters such as this.

If I receive further information, I will forward it on to you. However, at this point, the only information I have is what is being sent to you now. Thank you in advance for your understanding.


Executive Director
Mountain Park Ranch Homeowners Association