Annual Meetings


Preparations are now underway for the Mountain Park Ranch Homeowners Association (MPRHOA) Annual Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, October 15, 2024.  Two (2) of the five Board of Director positions will be voted on this year.  Nominations are now being accepted in the MPR Office for the open positions up until July 5, 2024.  Any Member interested in serving on the Board should contact Jim Welch, Executive Director, at the Mountain Park Ranch office at 480-704-5000 or e-mail:  for further information. MPRHOA By-laws allow Board Members to serve two consecutive two year terms.

Mountain Park Ranch Homeowners Association, 15425 S. 40th Place, Suite #4

Phoenix, AZ 85044 – (FAX) 480.704.5005 – Website:

2023 Annual Meeting Questions

Questions/Comments from the 2023 Annual Meeting of the Members

Jim Welch opened the floor for questions and stated questions and responses would also be posted on the MPRHOA website.

Question:  Can you define what GPS watering system means?

Answer:  Scott Murray of ProQual Landscaping answered questions on the satellite clocks and GPS system around the property and how MPRHOA has saved on water usage.


Question: Where are the City of Phoenix areas in MPRHOA?

Answer:  The City of Phoenix is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of all the roads and medians.  Jim Welch also explained other areas that are the City of Phoenix property within MPRHOA, including several miles of City of Phoenix drainage washes that meander throughout MPRHOA.  The office contacts the City of Phoenix when washes became unmaintained and Welch encouraged homeowners to do the same, as more voices seem to accelerate attention in the city owned areas.


Question: Does the budget allow for more community events?

Answer: At this time, we do not have any funds for additional community events, other than the annual Fourth of July parade.  However, Jim Welch encouraged the homeowner to come to the office and discuss possible future events.


Question: Do we or can we live stream meetings?

Answer: We did a ZOOM meeting during COVID but didn’t get much feedback on this approach for future meetings.  If we get enough people wanting ZOOM type meetings, we can discuss with the Board of Directors.


Jim Welch asked if there were any more questions.  With no other questions or comments, Jim Welch thanked all for attending the meeting.


2023 Affidavit of Election Results



 2022 Affidavit of Election Results

2022 Annual Meeting Minutes