Board Meeting Etiquette

Board Meeting Etiquette – Rules of Order & Procedure

The purpose of the Board of Director’s Meeting is for the board members to confer with the office staff and with each other to conduct business of the association. The Annual Meeting is a meeting of the members of the association.

  • At the beginning of each Board meeting, there is an open homeowner’s forum at which time a homeowner may speak for up to 3 minutes. The Board is not obligated to respond or act on anything presented. The Board may offer a response, educate the homeowner, or point them in another direction, but will not take action on the subject presented. If you would like to speak on behalf of another homeowner, you must present signed, written consent from the homeowner, authorizing you to speak or ask questions on their behalf.
  • If you would like the Board of Director’s to consider a request, proposal or discuss specific subject you must make a formal written request to the association office so you can be placed on the agenda. Your request may be sent via fax, email, or US mail and must be received by the MPRHOA office at least one (1) week prior to the Board meeting in order to be placed on the agenda. Before your request will be accepted, you will be required to provide:
    • Your name, address, and what the topic will be for review. (We are looking for specifics as this helps us to prepare and use time as efficiently as possible).
    • You may be contacted by the office if additional information is required.
  • If you would like to save a trip and the time required to attend a Board meeting, you may first contact the association office for assistance with your questions. They will do their best to help you research your topic, get answers for you, explain any legal implications or current laws to help assist and expedite your questions.
  • Financial questions, which includes budget questions, audit questions, etc., will not be addressed or answered in the open homeowner’s forum. Any and all financial questions are to be presented to the MPRHOA office in writing via fax, email or US mail and they will be certain to answer those questions on a one on one basis.
  • Any subject matter that pertains to a legal issue will not be addressed by the Board of Directors at a meeting. You will be directed to the Attorney who is handling that issue and any costs incurred will be deemed your responsibility. These items will not be placed on the Open Meeting agenda since they have been delegated to the Association Attorney.
  • Respect must be shown to the Board of Directors, Staff Members, Vendors and others at all times. In addition, respect for procedures and order is required at all times. Any disruptions by members or members delegates will be addressed by the Board and repeat violators will be removed from the meeting.
  • Once the open forum period is closed, the members or member’s delegates are not allowed to participate and may not seek to be recognized unless the Board specifically requests input or information from a particular homeowner. This restriction will be strictly enforced because the business of the association must be conducted and this cannot be done if there is interference.
  • If you are unclear on a procedure or how to approach a situation that is specific to you, do not hesitate to contact the MPRHOA office and they will answer your questions and offer as much help and guidance as possible.

The Board of Directors appreciates your understanding.