Mountain Park Ranch Volunteer Committees

Architectural Review

Members review exterior improvements within MPR, including new construction and changes to existing properties.

Board Chairperson- Paula Owens

Committee meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month at 4:30pm.

Budget and Finance

Members review the HOA’s annual budget and make recommendations for managing the financial resources of the Association.

Board Chairperson- Patricia Bambridge

Committee meetings are held on the third Wednesday of the month at 5:30pm.


Members will work with Staff to review the service provided by the Landscape Company & advise the Board on recommended changes and future landscape improvements in the Common Areas.

Board Chairperson- Sharon Perry Gibson

Committee meetings are held on the first Wednesday in March, June, September and December at 6:00pm.

Apply to be a Committee Member

Contact Jim Welch at the association office for more information regarding roles and responsibilities for each committee and any other questions. We are here to assist you.

Please attend a committee meeting with the application form or one will be made available for you at the meeting if you have interest in joining. Your application will be reviewed by the committee and the board of directors. You will then be notified of their decision.

Please contact the office prior if you plan to attend any of the meetings.